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Testimonials: Testimonials

In 2013 our company Smiths Farm Inc. set out to upgrade our aging broccoli cooling facility. Our objective was to improve our food safety, increase capacity, streamline operations, and lower our per unit power consumption.  

Northeast Distributors, Inc. (NED) was highly recommended by several contractors and by other NED customers in the produce and seafood industries. Ken and Eric Peterson and their staff from NED became involved in the early planning and design stages of our multi-million dollar renovation project.  Their task was to convert our 60,000 sq.ft. facility from an antiquated Freon system to a modern, efficient, computer controlled anhydrous ammonia cooled facility and have it operational by June 15, 2014. They surpassed our expectations!

Northeast Distributors, Inc. brought a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table that in the end saved us time and money. Their knowledge was indispensable when designing a refrigeration system that would cool the facility and our produce given the different variations of temperature, humidity and tons of produce coming from the field at any given hour of the day.

During the construction phase NED displayed the experience they had gain on previous projects. Their experience helped layout a plan of work that was finely tuned and kept the project on schedule and on budget.

Our renovation project, as with most, had a few unexpected surprises and challenges during the construction phase. During those times NED was flexible and worked with the other contractors throughout to resolve any issues.

Our new refrigeration system startup was on schedule and it was flawless. During our first season operations we were able keep our larger facility cooler using less energy.   

NED surpassed all of our expectations during the project. They trained our people, setup all safety and reporting protocols and continues to follow up on any questions we may have concerning the system. They are a class act.

If you are considering ammonia refrigeration I seriously recommend Northeast Distributors, Inc. (NED).

Smith Farms

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